Stickers for homemade cosmetics

Descubre la amplia gama de stickers para cosmética casera de Gran Velada. Se trata de modelos exclusivos que solo encontrarás en nuestra tienda online. Contamos con stickers para cosmeticos caseros diferentes: mascarillas faciales, corporales y capilares, sales aromáticas, after shave, bálsamo de labios, champús, geles, exfoliantes, perfumes, jabón de manos, lip gloss, infusiones de baño… ¡Hay multitud de modelos!

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Stickers for homemade cosmetics

Discover the wide range of stickers for homemade cosmetics of Gran Velada. These are exclusive models that you will only find in our online store. We have stickers for different homemade cosmetics: facial, body and hair masks, aromatic salts, after shave, lip balm, shampoos, gels, scrubs, perfumes, hand soap, lip gloss, bath infusions ... There are many models!

If you are passionate about homemade cosmetics and you like to make your own elaborations, you will love our stickers for homemade cosmetics . They are perfect to place them in jars and containers and give a much more professional finish to your products.

They combine design and functionality. They are beautiful, colorful and striking and, in addition, they will help you label your products to know at all times what it is. The packaging will be 10 with our labels and will be the most practical.

One of the advantages of our stickers for cosmetics is that they are of very good quality. They are printed on plastic wrap, are water resistant and adhere perfectly on many surfaces, such as plastic, glass, aluminum ... In this way you can stick them comfortably and quickly in your containers.

We put at your disposal stickers for homemade cosmetics with different colors, shapes and texts. In addition, many of them can be customized. To make your purchase you just have to choose the model that you like the most, indicate the amount of blister you want and process the order. You will receive them in just a few days.

You will see that we have a wide range of stickers for homemade cosmetics. If you are interested in any of them, access the product sheet to check their measurements and learn more about their technical characteristics.

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