Base creams

In this section you will find bases to make homemade and natural creams . In Gran Velada we put at your disposal cosmetic bases, free of parabens and without aroma or active ingredients. They are a basic emulsion to which to incorporate essential oils, extracts and other cosmetic principles to make your own preparations according to the needs of your skin.

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Bases for creams

The bases for homemade creams Gran Velada are of excellent quality. These are products without active ingredients, which are free of parabens and without aroma. Being a basic emulsion to add actives, such as extracts, essential oils and cosmetic principles to make homemade skin creams.

They are bases for homemade creams that only have to be customized with water-soluble components, or a variable proportion of oils. You have to respect the percentage of assets that can be added to each one so that the emulsion is perfect.

Keep in mind that to make homemade creams these bases facilitate the task. For example, moisturizing base cream helps curb dehydration in the dermis, although it is recommended in young skin. It is made with soft fats, so its consistency is very light. It spreads easily and quickly.

Bases for cosmetics

As for the carbopol gel base, it is neutral, transparent, non-greasy in appearance and easily absorbed. It is ideal for very oily skin with a tendency to acne. While the lanette base cream is of fluid consistency, so it is easily distributed and absorbed quickly, since it has very light fats. It is suitable for all skin types, especially those that are dry.

So if you are starting in artisanal cosmetics, choose the bases for cosmetics because they are very simple to use and you can prepare them at home in just a few minutes. Simple and fast!

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