Aromatic salts

En Gran Velada puedes comprar sales aromaticas al por mayor y menor. Ponemos a tu alcance sales ya perfumadas en diferentes formatos, desde envases pequeños hasta el formato ahorro de 25 kilos. Se trata de un producto de alta calidad que se vende a muy buen precio.

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Buy aromatic salts

Gran Velada has a wide catalog of aromatic salts to choose the best. It is a product with a great aroma and color to give it several uses. In addition, they yield a lot and can be given as a gift, for a special event or venture. Many options and great results!

Aromatic salts are easy to assemble. Just fill some nice cloth bags, or some containers and customize with the packaging materials. All this can be purchased in the online store Gran velada.

Also, aromatic salts are excellent as air fresheners of closets, cabinets and drawers. Just fill some bags of organza (thin, thin and transparent fabric. Done! With them you can create a pleasant atmosphere at a low cost.

But the use of aromatic salts does not end here. It is a product that can perfume bathrooms, rooms or centerpieces, since the aroma that emanates is pleasant, intense and lasts a long time. After the passage of time it loses tonality, so add aromatic essence to make it like new.

When buying aromatic salts in the online store, you only have to select the model, choose the quantity and process the payment. In a couple of days you can receive it at the indicated address.

Homemade aromatic salts

Another option is to make homemade aromatic salts. Only 3 ingredients are required which are , aromatic essence, base salts and coloring. That's how easy you can bring aromatic salts to life.

Making homemade aromatic salts is very easy. Just place the base salts in a container. It incorporates water-soluble coloring and aromatic essence to taste. Mix until integrated and pack. In a two-by-three!

Aromatic bath salts

If you are looking for aromatic bath salts, keep in mind that you must make them yourself with the materials of our online store. Instead, aromatic salts are already ready to use and perfume rooms or bathrooms. It should only be made clear that these salts are not used to make baths, only as an air freshener.

Bath salts have excellent properties to keep in optimal conditions such as eliminating accumulated toxins and keeping the body relaxed. So it is a good excuse to enjoy a bath with salts every certain period of time.

The salts are also ideal for exfoliants, spray to make surf waves in the hair and masks. They are versatile products with great benefits. In the Gran Velada blog, you can discover a world of possibilities with salts. Enjoy the bath salts!

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