Liquid concentrated GV dyes

Colección exclusiva de colorantes líquidos súper concentrados para jabones y cosmética. Una de las grandes ventajas de estos colorantes es que se pueden usar tanto para jabones de aceite como de glicerina y para tus elaboraciones cosméticas. Cremas, mascarillas, geles, champús, exfoliantes... ¡Los productos que hagas en casa tendrán un toque único gracias a estos colorantes! Son muy rentables y versátiles y con un solo colorante podrás llenar de color tus elaboraciones diy.

Liquid concentrated GV dyes

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Super concentrated liquid dyes

Exclusive collection of super concentrated liquid dyes for soaps and cosmetics. One of the great advantages of these dyes is that they can be used for both oil and glycerin soaps and for your cosmetic preparations. Creams, masks, gels, shampoos, scrubs... The products you make at home will have a unique touch thanks to these dyes! They are very profitable and versatile and with a single colorant you can fill your diy elaborations with color.

With these super concentrated liquid dyes you will get more vivid and intense colors using very little quantity, which is why they are so profitable. They are available in a wide palette of colors for you to choose your favorites. Take a look and try them because the results are worth it! You will save money and achieve creations with spectacular colors, so do not miss them!

These super concentrated dyes are sold in liquid format to add directly to the emulsion you are going to make. They are easy and very comfortable to use. You should shake the coloring well in its own container and add it to the soap or cream you prepare at home. We advise you to do it drop by drop and, while you add it, do not stop stirring so that the color is homogeneous.

Premium GV Colorants

These super concentrated dyes are part of the collection of premium GV dyes, an exclusive catalog that you will only find in our online store. They offer optimal performance and stand out for their high stability. From the technical point of view they meet all the conditions and requirements and are also available in a beautiful color palette.

Using our premium GV dyes has numerous advantages, since they do not leave lumps or specks of color and vivid and very intense colors are achieved. In addition, they spread much more than conventional ones. Do you dare to try them?

The color palette we have created is based on the knowledge and criteria of our design team. Of course, it must be made clear that it is a subjective interpretation, since each person can have a different vision of the same color.

By designing a wide palette of colors we seek to adapt to all tastes and above all facilitate mixing for our customers. If you want to create your own range of colors from scratch you can do it by resorting to primary colors. In this way you will get the tonalities to be completely to your liking. We offer you all the possibilities that you decide is what best suits your needs.

Buy super concentrated dyes

Get our premium colorants and make the most of them! They are very concentrated and spread a lot, so they will serve you for multiple uses. In the product sheet of each of the dyes you will find more information about their technical characteristics and how to use.

To place the order you just have to access the color that you like, select the quantity you need, add it to the cart and process the purchase. In a few days you will receive the package at the indicated address. It's that fast, easy and convenient! In addition, here you will find the rest of the materials you need for your handmade elaborations.

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