Wicks for natural candles

The materials to make candles that you will need, if you want to make them in an artisanal way, you will find them in the online store of Gran Velada. We have at your disposal a wide variety of ingredients to make natural candles easy, fun and economical. You can buy everything from natural waxes to pure essential oils or pigments.

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Wicks for making natural candles

The wicks for natural candles can not miss you if you plan to manufacture them in an artisanal way. They are indispensable and thanks to them you will get the candle to burn properly. Here we put at your disposal different types of wicks for candles. They differ basically by the material with which they are manufactured and by their thickness.

Choosing one or the other depends largely on the type of candle you want to make. Of course, it is essential to place the right one so that the results are adequate. In addition, we always recommend combustion tests to check that they burn perfectly.

Where to buy wick for natural candles

If you are looking for where to buy wick for natural candles you are in the best place. In the online store of Gran Velada Mexico we have one of the most complete catalogs on the market. We have made a careful selection to try to adapt to all needs.

Now that you know where to buy wick for candles you just have to process your order online safely, quickly and easily. Select the candle wicks you need and make the purchase. You will receive them at the door of the house immediately so that you can start making your candles.

Measures of wicks for natural candles

The measures of candle wicks refer to the thickness of the candle. That is, a 5-6 cm wick would be indicated for a candle that is between 5 and 6 cm in diameter. Now keep in mind that this is not an exact science and there are several factors that influence the choice.

The melting point of wax and the use of dyes, essences and additives usually causes this data to vary. For example, if we add an additive to a candle between 5 and 6 cm to harden it, it is very likely that the 5-6 cm wick will not be able to burn it properly. The same goes for essences and dyes.

That is why from Gran Velada we always recommend buying different measures of wicks for candles and doing several tests. In this way you will always ensure the best results.

Types of wicks for natural candles

The types of wicks for natural candles must also be taken into consideration. Our recommendation is that you use, for example, the ecological one. In this case it depends a lot on personal tastes. Of course, if you opt for any of the wicks for candles that are not waxed, we advise you to wax them before using them. Just dip them in the molten wax and let them dry.

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