Candle molds

The molds to make decorative candles are one of the utensils that can not be missing to make decorative candles . Thanks to them you will get them to have the desired shape. Do you know what types there are and how to use them? In this video we give you all the keys.

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Molds to make candles

Candle-making molds can usually take a back seat. However, they are basic to achieve homemade candles of desired, original, super beautiful and well-defined shapes.

And it is that molds for handmade candles are essential, since with them you will have a whole world of possibilities to create. The important thing is that they are materials that resist heat, because the temperature of the wax is considerably high. In addition, they are easy to unmold.

Candle making molds are long-lasting. These are occupied, depending on the type of candle to be made. The main characteristics for a large mold to make candles are: flexibility, non-adhesion and resistance.

Gran Velada has molds for handmade candles of various shapes and great quality. However, it is essential to keep them in good condition and with a good cleaning to use them at all times and have a longer useful life.

Where to buy molds for handmade candles

To make handmade candles of various shapes, do not hesitate to make yourself a good arsenal of candle molds. But if it is not clear where to buy candle molds, just click on and choose the ones you want.

In addition, with the free manual and tutorials you will get the necessary information to solve any doubt and find original alternatives. Let's get to work!

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