Candle aromas

Candle aromas

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Fragrances for candles

Fragrances for citrus candles, sweets, flowers... Here there are many aromas that will serve to perfume the handmade candles. They are concentrated essences that evoke an aroma: vanilla, coconut, jasmine, lavender... The catalog of aromatic essences for candles is varied and very complete.

Candle scents are basically used to perfume them and make them smell excellent. To do this you just have to add a few drops to the molten wax. The most common is to incorporate a maximum of 4% aromatic essence. This percentage is higher in the case of aromatic candles in glass. In this case you can reach up to 10%.

When using aromatic essences for candles it is important to respect the recommended dose of use because if it is added more it is likely that the wax does not absorb such an amount of fragrance and ends up exuding it. If you see that your candle takes out an oily liquid it is very likely that it has more essence of the account.

Aromatic essences for candles

Candle aromas should be added to the wax or molten paraffin but never when the wax is on the fire because it will evaporate. When the wax is melted, remove it from the soup and add the candle aroma that you like best. It is important that the wax is very hot so that it integrates perfectly.

If when adding the fragrance you notice that it does not dissolve well and lumps remain, it is because the wax has cooled too much. You must heat the wax again and add the essence. With these tricks you will find it very easy to use the candle aromas of Gran Velada México.

Here you will find flavorings for candles of great quality. All are concentrated and have the particularity of integrating perfectly into the wax because they have the oily base. We have the best-selling candle scents so you can perfume your homemade candles with the fragrances that are trending at this time.

They are aromas for soy candles and can also be used with other waxes and paraffins. In fact, these fragrances for candles are compatible with different types of waxes, whether of mineral or vegetable origin.

Candle aromas

Keep in mind that you can make your own combinations of aromas for candles, in this way you will get them to be totally unique. You just have to mix the essences that you like the most to get an exquisite aroma for your candles. Dare to try!

You know, if you are looking for essences to make candles access the online store of Gran Velada and buy your favorites instantly. All are concentrated and of the best quality, so you just have to select the one you like the most and click to buy. In just a few days you will receive your package at the door of your house so you can start with your elaborations.

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