Molds for long candles

Molds for long candles

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Molds for making long candles

In Gran Velada Mexico we have a wide catalog of molds to make long candles. Get to know them all and buy the one you like the most! With any of them you will get some nice candles to sell or to decorate any room in your home. Wonderful!

The molds for long candles have one characteristic in common: they are of very good quality, in fact they stand out for being super resistant. You can use them without fear that the wax or paraffin will stick and you will see that they are very comfortable to unmold.

To use them you just have to introduce the wick and fill them with the molten wax. It dries completely and unmolds easily thanks to its elasticity. You will see how simple it is to prepare them in an artisanal way! With the long candle molds from our online store you will find it very affordable.

Once you have finished working with these long candle molds it is very important that you clean and dry them well so that they do not retain moisture. Then, store them in a closet without direct light and you will have them ready to make as many candles as you need.

Buy long candle molds

Buying molds for long candles in our online store is very fast, comfortable and 100% safe. Simply register as a customer and process the order from home. In just a few days you will receive it so you can start with your elaborations. Here you have everything you need to unleash your creativity and if you do not find something, contact us and we will help you in everything you need.

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