Candle jars

Wide range of containers for candles, available in different shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Take a look and get your favorite model to make candles at home!

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Candle jars

Candle jars will help you make candles directly in a container or container without using a mold. This technique is very common when making scented candles. The reason? When making them in a jar you can add more essence without affecting the stability of the wax.

Here you will find different types of jars for candles and the main difference between them lies in the material with which they are made. Glass jars for candles, aluminum cans, plastic containers... You just have to take into account one very important aspect: the container you choose must be resistant to high temperatures. Respecting this maxim you can choose one model or another also attending to its shape, color, dimensions ... In short, the one that best suits your style!

Glass candle jars

Glass jars for candles are usually the most used. To work with glass containers it is essential to take into account one aspect: there should not be much temperature contrast between the hot wax and the cold glass. Otherwise there will be spots and bubbles. To prevent this from happening it is advisable to heat the glass containers previously by immersing them in very hot water.

Polycarbonate candle jars are also a great choice because they are lightweight, consistent and resistant. With them it is very easy to work because it does not generate air bubbles and the result of the candle is perfect. This is because polycarbonate does not cool easily. As there is no great contrast between the temperature of the laundry and that of the container, there are no stains or air bubbles.

Aluminum candle jars are also perfect. They are resistant and combine design and functionality. It is also a material that can be reused again and again.

Candle jars wholesale

If you are looking for where to buy jars for candles wholesale, you will find them in the online store of Gran Velada Mexico. To buy them you must register as a customer, select the model you want and process your purchase. It is a comfortable, easy, fast and 100% safe process. You will receive it at the door of the house in just a few days.

When buying candle jars it is important to make sure they are of the best quality, such as these from our online store. We have retail and wholesale, both for businesses and individuals.

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