Ingredients for perfumes

Los principales ingredientes para perfumes caseros son: esencia, alcohol 96º y fijador. Esta es la base a partir de la cual podrás hacer tus propias colonias, pero además podrás añadir agua desmineralizada o diluyentes. Todos estos productos los encontrarás en la tienda online de Gran Velada a un precio económico. Podrás comprarlos cómodamente desde tu ordenador y nosotros te los haremos llegar a casa para que puedas ponerte cuanto antes a crear tus fragancias caseras.

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Ingredients for homemade perfumes

The main ingredients for homemade perfumes are: essence, alcohol 96º and fixative. This is the base from which you can make your own colognes, but you can also add demineralized water or diluents. You will find all these products in the Gran Velada online store at an affordable price. You can buy them comfortably from your computer and we will get them home so you can get as soon as possible to create your homemade fragrances.

The perfumes are macerated with essences in alcohol. To this formula you can add demineralized water, glycerin or fixatives according to your needs. In Gran Velada we recommend a basic recipe that never fails: 30% aromatic essence, mixed with 70% 96º alcohol. The mixture is macerated for a few days in a glass jar and in a cold place and we will have a perfume ready to use.

In this section you can buy 96º alcohol or Denat alcohol. With both you can make your colonies without any problem. If you want the fragrance to last on the skin for longer, we suggest you use one of our fixatives. The most used is dimethicone copoliol, a silicone that is added to 0.5%, so to make a kilo of perfume you should add 5 grams of dimethicone. The Abil K is another of our fixatives.

When making perfumes you can also reduce a part of alcohol and add demineralized water. The one you can buy in our online store is pure water, high quality. It does not contain minerals and salts so it will not vary the final appearance of your fragrance. Finally, in this section you will also find ingredients that have the property of diluting and that help, therefore, to blur the essences of the colonies.

In the product sheet you will find more detailed information about them and how to use. In addition, in our blogs you will see how easy it is to make your own homemade perfumes.

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