Paraffin candle molds

Paraffin candle molds

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Paraffin candle mold

A good mold for paraffin candles is one of the materials that you can not miss if you are going to make them at home. The reason? Thanks to it you will achieve that the paraffin candles have the desired shape, that is why they are essential. And you can make them in very varied ways because the catalog of molds is very wide. There are designs for all tastes, so find your favorite.

The molds for paraffin candles that you can buy in Gran Velada Mexico stand out for their resistance. They are made of high quality silicone, hence they are very resistant. In fact, you can use them on multiple occasions.

To preserve your paraffin candle mold well you just have to follow these tips: wash it after each use and dry it very well so that there is no moisture. Then you just have to store it in a dry cabinet without direct light. This way you will always have it ready to use.

Molds for making paraffin candles

This is not the only advantage of the molds to make paraffin candles of Gran Velada México. The models you will find here stand out for being non-stick, so the paraffin does not stick and the sail unmolds without problems. This also contributes to the fact that they are elastic and malleable.

That's why paraffin candle molds are so convenient to work with. You just have to put the wick and fill them with the molten paraffin. Let it dry well until the candle is very dry and unmold it. In this simple way you can make your handmade candles with the shape you prefer.

Paraffin molds

If you want to buy paraffin molds you just have to access the online store of Gran Velada Mexico and place your order 100% safely. It is easy and very convenient and you will receive the package at your doorstep!

To see more information about paraffin molds you just have to access the file of each product. There you can check the measurements, the capacity of the mold and the way of use. Check all the data and start making candles easily at home with these molds!

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