Make liquid soap and homemade shampoo

Aquí encontrarás los materiales necesarios para hacer jabón líquido y champú casero. Fabricarlos en casa te resultará sencillo y no te llevará mucho tiempo. ¿Las ventajas de apostar por productos caseros? Conseguirás un jabón líquido o un champú  totalmente personalizado, acorde a tus necesidades y a un precio económico. Todo ello sin olvidar que puedes hacerlos orgánicos, utilizando ingredientes 100% naturales.

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Make liquid soap

Making liquid soap is very simple and will be according to your needs to achieve a high quality product with natural ingredients. Better, impossible! Remember that you can buy the ingredients of the liquid soap in Gran Velada by simply selecting the product so that it arrives as soon as possible.

Liquid soap ingredients

To make handmade liquid soap from a base, you would have to weigh the ingredients and incorporate the active ingredientssuch as vegetable oils, essential oils, natural plants or extracts, among others. Then add the fragrance and drops of coloring to create a unique design. Store in containers to use whenever desired.

Now, to decorate it you can place some stickers, either for a gift, for a special event and even as an enterprise.

Homemade shampoo

Homemade shampoo is one of the cosmetic and personal hygiene treatments can be done by hand. It is very easy to make and you can opt for products without silicones and parabens.

Ingredients to make homemade shampoo

Here we tell you how to make homemade shampoo. You just have to choose a base from the Gran Velada online store and the active ingredients to give it enriching properties. To provide aroma, simply add a few drops of aromatic essence. While with dyes you can create unique and incredible designs. Finally, pack the homemade shampoo so that it is kept in good condition and place a sticker or sticker to distinguish it from other treatments.

With Gran Velada products you can make treatments such as shampoo to prevent hair loss, for oily hair, hair conditioners for dry hair and masks for hair strengthening, among much more.

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