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The lanterns are hollow paraffin candles that are used as a lantern and that contribute to create very pleasant and relaxing environments. They have the particularity that, by not carrying wick, they are candles that are not consumed and last a long time. In recent years, fans have become very fashionable to decorate interiors and exteriors. They are used as a lamp and in the background is placed a led bulb or a tea candle. The walls of the lanterns are thin, so the light is projected through them dimly. The result: a subtle light, which brings warmth to the space and creates a climate full of peace and positive energy.

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Wax lanterns

Fanning is an easy and relaxing task. It is a key piece to create unique environments. In fact, wax lanterns have become favorites among interior designers, due to their great versatility. By placing a light bulb or tea candle, it results in a dim light that is projected through the headlights to illuminate dark nights.

Materials for making wax lanterns can be purchased at the Gran Velada online store wholesale or retail. Remember that making artisanal lanterns is very therapeutic and enriching.

Making lanterns is a very simple task. Basically, paraffin, release spray and molds are required. To personalize and give it the unique touch, you can opt for colorants and aromatic salts.

But if you still do not know how to make DIY lanterns, in the blog of Gran Velada you can find tutorials that will serve as a guide and support to make wax lanterns. But if you have doubts, do not hesitate to turn to customer service so that they can advise you better.

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