Making natural candles

Lovers of organic will find in this section of our online store everything they need to make natural candles at home. In Gran Velada we have made a careful selection of materials to make natural candles. From waxes and pigments, to 100% pure essential oils to aromatize them or seeds, flowers and barks with which to decorate them. In short, a wide variety of products so you can create natural candles in a simple way and with a spectacular result.

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Materials for making natural candles

The main thing is that the materials to make natural candles are of high quality to achieve superior results. In this particular case, this type of candles, when burned more slowly, does not pollute, is biodegradable and lasts longer.

When making natural candles at home you can customize them by placing the aroma, color and shape you want to make them look spectacular. In addition, you can decorate them to match the place where it is placed, for a particular event, or as a beautiful gift. A whole world of possibilities! The advantage is that Gran Velada Mexico puts at your disposal everything you need and at the best price so you do not look any further.

How to make natural candles

The first thing to make handmade natural candles is to buy the materials to make natural candles. Then melt the wax and give it smell and color. Then it only remains to place the wick and decorate to taste. Do you realize how easy it is?

But if you have doubts about it, check out the video so you can make natural candles like a pro without any complications. However, for any questions, customer service will be able to answer your questions immediately.

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