Preservatives, fixatives and pH regulators

Cosmetic preservatives are an essential ingredient in home formulations. They help preserve them, prolong their useful life and prevent them from deteriorating easily. If you plan to make a cream, soap or body oil at home, keep in mind that you will have to use a preservative. Why? They will help keep them in good condition for longer.

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Cosmetic preservatives

Cosmetic preservatives, fixatives and pH regulators are ingredients that can be used with complete confidence to make cosmetics at home. Dare to use them and check their effectiveness!

There are 2 types of cosmetic preservatives: antimicrobials and antioxidants. As for antimicrobial preservatives, it is necessary to add to all aqueous phase cosmetics. This means that they are incorporated into those whose recipe has a part of water, such as masks, shampoos, gels and creams, among others. With this, the appearance of fungi, bacteria and yeasts is avoided.

Antioxidant preservatives prevent products from oxidizing by being in contact with oxygen or the sun. Its function is to achieve non-rancid cosmetics. This usually happens in butters and oils. Such is the case of body oils and nourishing creams.

When a product goes rancid, it changes color and turns dark. Also, the smell is unpleasant. To prevent this from happening, an antioxidant, such as vitamin E, should be added.

Cosmetic preservatives are incorporated at the end of the formulation, as the temperature has dropped. The recommended percentage depends on the preservative chosen, although the most common is that it is 1%.

If the presentation is liquid this is much easier. To do this, the necessary amount would have to be weighed and added to the formulation. Mix until homogenized with the help of a spatula and continue with the recipe. Ready!

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