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Ingredients to make perfumes

Perfume is a product that most people have at home, but not all of us know how to make it. However, it is very easy to make a homemade perfume. Only 2 ingredients are required, which are: aromatic essence and alcohol. Then you would have to mix until homogenized and that's it! In the blink of an eye you will get a personalized perfume.

One of the ingredients to make perfumes that can not be missing is the aromatic essence to get the aroma you are looking for. There is an infinity of fragrances to choose the one you want most, sweet, citrus, floral, spicy or fruity. Enjoy the aroma! Gran velada has at your disposal a wide catalog to choose the best.

Each essence has its olfactory pyramid to have a more faithful idea of the aroma. So the notes of the heart help define the fragrance and are the ones that last the longest, the top notes are predominant aromas and are the ones that are perceived when applying the fragrance, and, finally, the base notes shape it while providing intensity. All those essences can be combined with each other to create unique and personalized fragrances.

Formula to make perfumes

If you wonder the formula to make perfumes is very easy. Only mix 70% alcohol of 96 and 30% essence. From there, you can add other variants to your choice. To play it safe, check out the blog and check out the tutorials and techniques.

As we can see, the ingredients to make perfumes are 96° alcohol and aromatic essence. Demineralized water and glycerin can also be used. The latter two are used in children's colognes to minimize the amount of alcohol.

Now, if you want a more lasting aroma you would have to add a fixative so that the aroma lasts. A beautiful shade can also be incorporated by adding water-soluble liquid dyes.

Manufacture of perfumes

Remember that in the elaboration of perfumes the containers are an important part of a perfume, since in addition to helping an easier and safer application, the product is also better preserved. Gran Noche has everything you need to achieve it, from bottles to packaging to make personalized perfumes, either for personal use, as a gift for that special person or enterprise.

In conclusion, a homemade perfume is easy to make and surely when you enter the DIY world no one will be able to stop you. Make up your mind now! Here you have at your fingertips everything you need to make perfumes in the comfort of home.

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