Plant extracts

Plant extracts are macerated from plants that contain endless beneficial properties for skin and hair care. They are one of the best ingredients there is to fill the cosmetic formulations you make at home with benefits. They can be used to make creams, masks, soaps, scrubs, body oils ... They are very versatile!

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Plant extracts

100% natural plant extracts are base ingredients to create homemade cosmetic treatments. With them you can get soaps, masks, body oils, creams and scrubs of high quality.

Buying pure plant extracts at Gran Velada, is easy and at the best price. They are oily products (mixed in oils and fat) and water-soluble (soluble in water). There are also tinctures (macerations of plants in an alcoholic environment).

As far as oily plant extracts are concerned, they are excellent for use in cosmetic recipes that have a significant oil content, such as mousses, body oils and W/O (water in oil) creams. It is an ideal type of preparation for mature or dry skin.

Water-soluble plant extracts are ideal for addition to aqueous phase formulations such as gels, masks and O/W (oil-in-water) creams.

Pure plant extracts come in liquid form to be easily and simply added to home treatments. In any case, it is incorporated at the end of the preparation so that its properties are preserved intact. The recommended dose will depend on the product to be made, but it is usually 0.5 to 5% of the total formula.

Online plant extracts

Gran Velada's plant extracts are of excellent quality and high purity. The product sheet describes its properties, characteristics, applications and dosage. So it would have to be consulted for a safe purchase.

Pure plant extracts are very cost-effective. By mixing with each other you can enhance its properties, as long as the dose is respected. In this way, you can get personalized cosmetics for hair and skin.

Take advantage of each plant extract when performing DIY treatments. Pure plant extracts with purifying and sebum-regulating properties are excellent for recipes for oily skin. There are also plant extracts with moisturizing benefits, being ideal for making creams or hair masks. So the same product can enrich others.

To make cosmetics with anti-aging properties, opt for plant extracts with antioxidant action. While pure plant extracts with antibacterial activity are excellent for creating cosmetics against acne. There are also extracts with removable and anti-cellulite action.

Buy pure plant extracts

Buying pure plant extracts at Gran Velada is a guarantee of success. To make sure, place your order and start making artisanal treatments. Just select the wholesale or retail plant extracts, choose the payment method and receive in record time.

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