Silicone candle molds

Silicone candle molds

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Silicone molds for candles

If you are looking for molds to make silicone candles you have come to the right place because here, in Gran Velada Mexico, you have one of the most complete catalogs on the market with exclusive designs . There are silicone molds for candles that you will only find here, in our online store.

The molds to make silicone candles with one of the materials that can not miss if you plan to manufacture them by hand. Whether for personal use or to set up a small business, silicone candle molds are a must. Thanks to them you will achieve that the candles you make have the desired shape, that is why they are so important in the elaboration.

Molds silicone candles

One of the advantages of using silicone candle molds is comfort. Working with them is really affordable and excellent results are achieved. The silicone with which they are made makes them elastic and non-stick, so the candles do not stay stuck and are easily removed.

To this we must add that the molds to make silicone candles are very resistant, so if you take good care of them they will last you for many uses. How to maintain them? You have to wash them after each use and dry them very well so that there is no moisture. Then store them in a dry cabinet so they don't get light.

Making candles with silicone molds

Making candles with silicone molds is much easier than you may think. In fact, you can manufacture them even without having previous experience. You just have to follow these guidelines that we indicate and you will see how you can do them successfully.

To make candles with silicone molds the first thing to do is place the wick in the mold. Then it is filled with the molten wax and left to dry in a place without drafts and without sudden changes in temperature. When the candle is solid it will be time to remove it from the mold. This step will be easy for you in these silicone molds, as they do not stick and can be bent to remove the candle.

Silicone molds for making candles

As you may have seen, silicone molds to make candles are the best option to manufacture them by hand. To their quality we must add that they are available in a wide variety of forms, so you can create spectacular designs.

Accessing each of the molds to make silicone candles you will find more information about its characteristics, measures and handling. You can also see images of the candles that you can make with them. Check all the models there are and get the one you are most passionate about!

Where to buy silicone molds to make candles

If you wonder where to buy silicone molds to make candles, in the online store of Gran Velada Mexico you have one of the best collections. You just have to click on the mold that you like the most and place your order quickly, comfortably and safely. In just a few days you will receive it at the door of your house so that you can start making candles.

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