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The utensils are a fundamental part of the artisanal elaborations because they facilitate the process a lot. Having quality tools and tools is essential to work safely and comfortably. That's why in Gran Velada you can buy top quality utensils that will be of great help. Discover a wide variety of utensils at your fingertips and get your essentials!

We put at your disposal professional utensils to make your homemade elaborations a success. Many of them are difficult to find for individuals, however in Gran Velada we have proposed to provide you with all the utensils you will need to manufacture different types of products, such as soaps, candles or cosmetics. And all at competitive prices!

Remember that when making this type of elaboration at home it is very important to have the right tools so that the result is satisfactory. Here you will find utensils to weigh the exact amounts; to control the temperature of your formulations; to mix the ingredients; to facilitate packaging... In short, everything that cannot be missing on your desk!

In our online store you can buy utensils comfortably, without leaving home, and in a completely safe way. You choose the products you need and we will send them home in just a few days so you can start with your creations.

Utensils for cosmetics

If you are looking for cosmetic utensils you have come to the right place. Here you will find different tools, whether glass, plastic, ceramic ... A multitude of tools that will make it much easier for you to work in the diy world. We have even designed for you a kit with the most basic, with everything you do or do have to have at hand. These cosmetic utensils will become a great ally when it comes to making your preparations!

It is as important to have the right utensils as it is to keep them in good condition. How to preserve cosmetic utensils? Our recommendation is that you clean them well after each use, dry them and store them in a place without moisture and without direct light to prevent damage. In addition, before using them it is advisable to immerse them in boiling water for a few minutes to disinfect them perfectly. This way you will avoid contaminating your elaborations.

Utensils for soaps

In a store specialized in the world of handmade soap, soap utensils could not be missing. In fact, we have a wide and varied catalog based on our experience in the sector. Take a look at the entire catalog and acquire the fundamental tools!

As you can see, many of these utensils for soaps, candles and cosmetics are usually found in all kitchens. However, it is advisable not to mix the uses. That is, the tools you use for your creations should not be used for cooking. Therefore, it is best to have specific utensils just to make our creations.

Candle utensils

We also put at your disposal all the utensils for candles you can imagine! Making them at home will be much more affordable if you have the products you will find here. Using them is very simple and they will be of great help to you.

By accessing each of the products you can learn more details about their characteristics and how to use and from there process the purchase. Get the utensils you need through our online store!

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