Candle dyes

In this section you will find a wide variety of dyes for handmade candles. We have powdered pigments, anilines and liquid dyes, very comfortable to use. We have at your disposal a wide range of colors, in earth, natural, red, pink, blue, purple or green tones. These are dyes with which you can give it a touch of color. They are sold in powder and liquid forms, in smaller or larger containers, depending on your needs.

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Liquid candle dyes

Gran Velada liquid candle dyes have a good pigment to create a unique dyeing effect. In addition, by adding a correct dose you can easily dye. So for a pastel shade, little quantity is required, for a medium shade a little more. While a vivid and intense color, the dose is higher.

They are economical, perform a lot and there is a wide range of colors to choose from. These liquid candle dyes do not migrate, so the color does not degrade. Even the candle does not suffer any alteration and the wick is not obstructed.

Paraffin candle dyes

Paraffin candle colorants or wax dyes are ready to incorporate and are very easy to use, whether you want a specific shade or a custom combination. You would only have to pour a small amount of the liquid dye into the paraffin or wax previously melted so that it dissolves much better and obtain a good result. Give color to your handmade candles!

Great evening features liquid and concentrated liquid dyes for candles. They are products made under the criteria of the design staff. So it is necessary to emphasize that each person can have a different vision of the same color.

Ideally, do color tests with candle pigments before making candles. In this way, there will be no doubt about the amount of dye to be used. Now, to clarify any doubt in the blogs there is a basic manual, as well as support videos where the techniques regarding the use of liquid dyes for candles with an optimal result are detailed.

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