Aromatic essences for Glycerin soap

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Essences for handmade soaps

In Gran Velada we have more than 300 aromatic essences with which you can perfume your glycerin soaps. We have citrus, fruity, floral, herbal, spicy, woody, sweet, marine, Christmas, extra-concentrated, exotic, children's or drinks, such as aroma of mojito or piña colada. All are essences for high quality handmade soaps . Therefore, with a few simple drops it will be enough to flavor your glycerin soaps.

Within each of the categories you will find endless essences to give a personal touch to your handmade soaps. For example, we have essence of basil, carnation, anise, orange blossom, caramel, coffee, cherry, chocolate, coconut, strawberry, bay leaf, lavender, Nen-huko, pine ... In the variety is the taste, so with our wide catalog of essences we try to adapt to the wishes of our customers.

When making homemade glycerin soaps, aromatic essences are very simple to incorporate. You just have to add between 1% or 2% to the melted soap. A few drops are poured when the soap is in a liquid state and mixed until it is well dissolved. The recommended amount is about ten drops of essence per 100 gr. of base soap. This is an approximate recommendation, since we can always add more or less quantity depending on the intensity of aroma we want to achieve. It is already a matter of taste. If we like more perfumed it will be enough to add more drops.

It is important to keep in mind that some of the aromatic essences have a dark yellow color, so it can dye the soap a little white. If you are looking to obtain a completely white soap it is better to opt for an essence as transparent as possible. In addition, essences containing vanillin, nitrated musks and coumarin can brown soaps.

With our extensive catalog you can have an infinity of aromas capable of satisfying all tastes, with quality. If you still do not find your favorite aroma we can manufacture it from 1 liter. The rest of the essences are sold in containers from 50 ml. to the liter.

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