Christmas candle molds

The candle molds for Christmas can notbe missing if you plan to make this type of elaboration at home. They are easy to use and with them you ensure good results! They will help you shape your candles and you can make really amazing designs.

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Candle molds for Christmas

The candle molds for Christmas can notbe missing if you plan to make this type of elaboration at home. They are easy to use and with them you ensure good results! They will help you shape your candles and you can make really amazing designs.

Fir trees, the portal of Bethlehem, balls, Santa Claus ... There are dozens and dozens of designs at your fingertips! Choose the model you like the most and get it through our online store. In the variety is the taste, that's why we have made a careful selection, trying to collect all the trends. You will find from the classic candle molds for Christmas to other designs that bet on modernity and minimalism.

There are many options to choose from, so it is best to browse quietly through this section in search of the mold that best fits you. Keep in mind that beyond the shape all stand out for their quality and resistance.

Christmas candle mold

Whichever Christmas candle mold you choose, the most relevant features are common to all of them. Being made of silicone all stand out for being very resistant, especially at high temperatures. This quality is fundamental, since the molten wax is very hot when poured into the molds.

To this we must add that the molds of Christmas candles are non-stick, so the wax does not stick and the candle is easily unmolded. This also contributes to the fact that they are flexible. You just have to bend the mold a little to extract the candle from inside. It will instantly regain its original shape.

These features make it very easy to work with any Christmas candle mold. And they are of great quality and durability. Their composition makes them perfect for making candles at home in an easy and affordable way for everyone.

Molds to make Christmas candles

Using molds to make Christmas candles is very simple. It is very likely that the molds come with rubbers and openings, since this facilitates unmolding.

To start using them our recommendation is that you thread the wick in the mold, introducing it through the base, passing it along the entire length of the mold and holding it on top with a wick support.

Then you just have to fill it with the melted and colored wax. It is important that the gums are well placed so that the wax does not come out. Let it dry in a place without drafts and without sudden changes in temperature.

When the candle is cold, you just have to remove the rubbers, slightly fold the mold and remove the candle from the inside. In this simple way you can use the molds to make Christmas candles. Get them and make the most of them!

Molds for Christmas candles

Once you have finished using the Christmas candle molds it is important that you clean them well. Our recommendation is that you remove the remains of wax that may remain and dry them perfectly so that there is no moisture.

To store them it is advisable to do it in a place that does not have direct sunlight and above all very dry. This way you can keep them in good condition for a long time and use them whenever you need them. They are small tricks that will make your Christmas candle molds always like the first day.

Also keep in mind that you should never use sharp objects that can damage them. As we have said, they unmold perfectly, so it is not necessary to use this type of utensils.

Christmas candle molds

With Christmas candle molds it has never been so comfortable and so easy. They are the perfect excuse to let your creativity fly and create spectacular designs to decorate your home during Christmas. Get unique candles to decorate your table during lunches and dinners that will bring together all yours on these holidays and celebrations. And best of all, they will be completely personalized!

You already know, if you want to surprise with beautiful centerpieces that decorate your Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve dinners or your Christmas, New Year or Three Kings meals, do not think about it anymore and choose our Christmas candle molds to shape your ideas. Surely the result is surprising!

Molds to make Christmas candles

In you can buy molds to make Christmas candles. Also here you will find the rest of the materials necessary to manufacture them at home. Everything is available with a single click, and is that buying in our online store is comfortable, fast and safe.

Register as a customer, access the Christmas candle mold that you like the most and from there process your purchase. If you have any questions or queries, our customer service team will help you solve them, so get in touch with us because we are at your disposal.

Keep in mind that most Christmas candle molds are made to order, so the delivery time may be somewhat longer. Of course, we always try to keep the wait as short as possible so that you can get down to work as soon as possible.

And if you want to see how to use the molds to make Christmas candles access the blog We share with you step-by-step tutorials where you can see how easy it is to work with them and the beautiful things that can be prepared at home. In addition, in the free manual of making candles you will find detailed information that will be of great help to you to enter this fascinating world. Get your Christmas candle molds and everything you need to make them at home here!

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