Homemade flavoring

Discover how to make air fresheners with the materials of Gran Velada! Mikados, incense, aromatic bags, perfumed ceramics, air freshener for the car, spray air freshener... These elaborations and many more can be easily made at home with the products you will find in our online store! Here you have at your fingertips everything you need to manufacture different types of air fresheners.

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Make flavorings

Enter the DIY world and learn how to make fully customized flavorings, with the format you want and the aroma you like the most. What's more, you can do them in the comfort of home, either for personal use, as a gift for that special someone, for a specific event, or as an enterprise.

Remember that making homemade flavoring is easier than you imagine. In just a few minutes you will have them ready to start enjoying the aroma. To play it safe, in the Gran Velada blog we tell you how to make flavorings. There are step-by-step tutorials for you to see for yourself the ease of creating these products in an artisanal way.

Homemade flavoring for bath

The star ingredient to make homemade flavoring is the aromatic essence. So Gran Velada has an extensive catalog so you can choose your favorites and that of your family. Buy now! With the products you will find here you can prepare a homemade flavoring for bathroom, car, cabinets ... There are many options! You can also manufacture them in different formats, choosing the one you like best for each occasion.

For example, to make homemade rod air freshener only requires 96° alcohol, aromatic essence, a container and rattan sticks. To do this, mix 30% aromatic essence and 70% 96° alcohol until homogenized. Pour into the container and place the sticks. Very easy and enjoyable!

To make homemade flavoring from scented ceramic, spray or car air freshener, is the same procedure. These are very functional, elegant air fresheners that can work perfectly for personal use, as a gift, at a special event or to start a business.

Figures made with water-based resin or plaster require resin, water, water and a silicone mold. With this you can give it the desired shape so that it is personalized. Every detail counts!

Homemade air freshener

Another great idea to make homemade air freshener are aromatic bags. In a cloth bag the aromatic plants are placed to taste and a few drops of aromatic essence. With these simple steps you will achieve a quality homemade flavoring that brings delicious fragrances to the room.

The possibilities are many and the options do not stop, so the scented wax can give that exquisite aroma while being part of the design of the place. They are small figures of wax that goes on the burners and when melted gives off a relaxing and captivating aroma.

Ingredients to make air freshener

You can also make different types of incense that you can make from scratch. The starter kits are an excellent alternative to enter this DIY world, since it has everything you need (instruction manual and ingredients) to start step by step.

Great evening prestigious online store has a wide variety of ingredients to make quality and very simple air fresheners in the blink of an eye! Process your purchase online and receive them at the door of the house to manufacture them in the comfort of home.

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