Molds for 3d candles

¡Con los moldes 3D para velas conseguirás diseños espectaculares! Se trata de moldes en 3 dimensiones que están disponibles con formas muy variadas. Podrás hacer una vela prácticamente con cualquier forma que puedas imaginar. Animales, frutas, dulces, flores…

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3D molds for candles

With 3D molds for candles you will get spectacular designs! These are molds in 3 dimensions that are available with very varied shapes. You can make a candle with practically any shape you can imagine. Animals, fruits, sweets, flowers...

And if you think that 3D candle molds are going to be difficult to unmold, nothing is further from reality. It is very easy to make candles with them! The reason? The material with which they are made. And it is that silicone makes them non-stick and flexible, that is, the wax does not stick and can also be folded to extract the figure.

In addition, most candle molds come with openings to facilitate unmolding. In this way you can remove the candle without breaking, something fundamental in molds with many details and complex shapes. To prevent the wax from coming out during the filling of the mold include plastic rubbers. It is essential to keep them as they come so that the elaboration goes correctly. Then, during unmolding, you just have to remove the tires and remove the candle. That's why they are very comfortable to work with!

To this we must add that 3D molds for candles also stand out for being resistant and durable. That is why they perfectly withstand the high temperatures of molten wax without deforming. You can use them as many times as you want!

3D silicone molds for candles

3D silicone candle molds are easy to use. Practical advice? Thread the wick first to make the elaboration easier. You just have to insert it through the hole of the base and pass it along the entire mold. Then, hold it on top with a wick holder.

Once the wick is in place, simply fill the 3D silicone candle molds with the melted and colored wax. Imagination to power to achieve incredible designs! Let them dry in a space without sudden changes in temperature and without drafts and unmold the candle when it is very cold as we have explained.

When you have finished, remove the remains of wax that may remain and dry them. It is advisable to keep the molds to make candles in a space without moisture and without direct light. In this way they will serve you for multiple uses. And they are very durable. Of course, do not use sharp objects that can damage them at any time. Following these recommendations will keep them intact for a long time.

Buy molds for 3D candles

In you can buy molds for 3D candles. Process your order online comfortably, quickly and safely. You just have to register as a client and access the mold you want. In addition, here you will find the rest of the materials you need to make handmade candles.

Keep in mind that most beeswax candle molds are made to order, so the delivery time is longer. Of course, we guarantee quality and try to shorten the deadlines as much as possible.

In the blog you can see tutorials where you can explain step by step how to use these molds for 3D candles. You will also discover many more ideas. And if you want to learn everything about this world, download the free candle making manual.

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