Soap making seals

Soap making seals

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Stamps for stamping soaps

If you want to give a unique and flirtatious touch to your homemade oil soaps our seals will help you. With them you will leave your mark engraved and you will be able to give them a touch of elegance and originality. In this section you will find a wide variety of stamps to print soaps: there are children's themes, Christmas, natural, romantic ... Using them is very simple and with little money your handmade soaps will have an extra distinction.

To make it clear that it is a natural product made by hand, you can opt for the stamps that indicate "Natural Soap", "Handmade" or "100% natural". If you are thinking of giving a soap for Christmas, you can decorate them with our Christmas-themed stamps. There are reindeer, bells with holly, snowmen...

For children's soaps, you can stamp fish, a baby taking a bath or an elephant showering with its trunk. There are also romantic stamps, ideal for engraving the soaps that are given as a guest detail. There are also many diverse objects such as crowns, footprints, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, fish, a bee or the donkey's head. So that you can customize them, we put at your disposal stamps with the letters of the alphabet and the numbers to compose words and dates.

Using them is very simple: you have to moisten the seal with 96º alcohol to prevent the soap from sticking and press the smooth surface. It is important to seal the soaps before saponification, because if it is too dry it will not penetrate the seal. Of course, we must also bear in mind that if it is too soft it will stick. Once the silhouette is marked we can sprinkle a little cosmetic mica to give color to the outline of the seal. This way it will be much more elegant. In our blogs you will find a step by step on how to seal soaps. To keep them in good condition it is advisable to clean them with cold water and soap or use a wooden toothpick to remove the remains.

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