Gifts for baptism

¡Di adiós a los clásicos recuerdos que se repiten en todas las celebraciones y decídete por detalles de bautizo hechos a mano! Lograrás recuerdos exclusivos para celebrar la llegada de tu bebé. A continuación te mostramos todas las ventajas de apostar por lo artesanal en un día tan especial.

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Details for baptism

Making details for christening is really simple with the materials you have at your fingertips here. They are quality products that are designed for you to achieve unique creations for your guests. With your good work and the products of Gran Velada Mexico you will get excellent christening gifts. And best of all, they will be totally personalized!

When preparing gifts for baptism at home, it is important to have the right materials for the development to be successful. And that's precisely what you have here: high-quality products so you can create beautiful details for christening.

Preparing details for baptism is much easier than you may think and above all it is super rewarding. It also allows you to make all the decisions in terms of color, aroma, size ... There will be no other gifts like yours!

Gift for baptism

If you want to give a gift for baptism that is remembered and that is practical and beautiful, it is best to encourage yourself to prepare them at home. There are many things that can be done easily! Soaps, candles, air fresheners... All this and much more you can do with the materials you will find here.

And if you're looking for christening gift ideas, check out the blog and you'll find the inspiration you need. We share with you free tutorials so you can see step by step how to make details for baptism. There are many proposals, so you just have to carry out the one you like the most! All are designed to be done in a simple way, even without having previous experience.

Gifts for christening guests

Making gifts for christening guests can also become a great option for entrepreneurship. You can make creations for friends, neighbors or acquaintances and thus get an extra source of income. From Gran Velada Mexico we provide you with the materials so you can prepare them at home.

To make your purchase you just have to register as a customer and add the products you need to the cart. Process the order online and you will receive the package in just a few days at the door of your house. If you have any questions about what you should buy to make gifts for baptism, contact us and we will advise you on everything you need.

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