Make homemade oil soap

If you want to delve into the wonderful world of homemade soap, in Gran Velada we put at your disposal a wide variety of ingredients and materials so you can make them completely by hand.

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Homemade soap

Enter the world of DIY to create homemade soap easily and safely. Here you will find materials and ideas so you can make unique and personalized designs for the needs of the skin. Remember that Gran Velada has everything you need to achieve it and we share with you free tutorials.

Materials for making homemade soap

The materials to make homemade soap are in Gran Velada so you can make a homemade soap from scratch. By customizing it, you can add color, essence, active ingredients, preservatives and types of oils, according to needs. But in addition to this, you should also consider the utensils to achieve a quality product such as thermometer, scale, measuring jug, cutters, as well as safety elements such as gloves and glasses.

Browse the section of making oil soap and discover everything you can create. But if you have any questions about it, contact our customer service to play it safe. As if that were not enough, in blogs you can learn how to make homemade soap, since there are many free recipes that will guide you through the process.

How to make homemade soap

How to make homemade soap is easy, but it should be borne in mind that for homemade oil soap in a bar it is important to use soda, as it helps in the saponification process. So you would have to gather water with soda to obtain bleach.

In addition to the above, other materials for making homemade soap are shortenings and vegetable oils to enrich homemade soap properties. Similarly, the color, aroma and desired shape can not be missing. In a couple of days you can have a homemade soap.

Keep in mind that it must rest for about 40 days to saponify and be ready to use. And you, when you are going to start making homemade soap?

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