Essences to make scented candles

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Essences for scented candles

Essences for aromatic candles with which you can perfume your home with your favorite fragrance. In Gran Velada we have more than 300 aromas, which have touches of citrus, fruity, sweet, floral, spicy, herbal, woody ... There are also marine essences, drinks, Christmas, exotic, children's and extra concentrated. The latter are ideal for this type of elaboration since we will get a plus of aroma.

With the essences of this section you can make candles with the aroma of coffee, chocolate, coconut, peppermint, lavender, apple, lime, green tea, vanilla, sea breeze, passion fruit, cotton flower ... You will find from more powdered and soft essences to others more intense and penetrating.

Making aromatic candles is very simple and making them at home allows you to customize them to your liking, choosing from wax or paraffin to the essence, color and containers where you want to make them. One of the fundamental aspects of these candles is the aroma, and is that depending on which we choose we will be able to create some environments or others. There are essences that promote relaxation, others that help create intimate atmospheres and some that encourage creativity.

The essence is added when the wax or paraffin is already melted. The recommended percentage is incorporated and removed well. Pour the mixture into the mold or in the chosen container, place the wick and just wait for them to solidify. In this simple way we will have candles to aromatize our home and create environments that invite relaxation.

Up to 10% essence can be added to aromatic candles as long as the GV 503 additive is used, which helps to fix the perfume and makes the wax or paraffin tolerate a higher percentage of aroma. For example, for 100 gr of wax you can add up to 4 gr of additive GV 503 and in this way you can incorporate more fragrance.

In our blogs you will find several recipes and videos that explain step by step how to make scented candles easily and quickly.

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