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In this section of the Gran Velada online store you can buy dyes. Do you want your homemade elaborations to have a touch of color? Dyes will help you achieve this. When using them, some doubts usually arise: Which is better? How are they used? We answer these and other questions below.

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Pigments and dyes

When choosing pigments and dyes it is important to know what they are going to be used for, since not all are suitable for the same product. Each one has its specific application so that the effect is correct.

In the event that you want to give a shade to soap or beauty products , it is essential that they are cosmetic grade dyes. Instead, to paint candles or crafts, technical grade dye is required.

Range of pigments and dyes

The range of pigments and dyes Gran Velada is wide to choose the one you want. Remember that they are all of great quality and at a super price. As far as technical dyes are concerned, they are specific to candles. There are also pigments for fine arts and crafts.

While cosmetic dyes are excellent for coloring oil and glycerin soaps . As well as masks, creams, bath bombs and salts.

The range of pigments and dyes are differentiated by their state, that is, the presentation in which they come, either liquid or powder. The powder colorant is pure, so it should be dissolved before incorporating it into a preparation, in order to avoid lumps or spots of color. The liquid dye is diluted in a medium, being easy to use.

Another way to differentiate pigments and dyes is by their origin, whether mineral, natural or synthetic. The minerals come from chromium, ultramarine pigments and iron oxide. Synthetics are the result of mixtures and there is a wide range of colors.

The range of pigments and dyes Gran Velada are created under the criteria of the designers. So they have been carried under a subjective interpretation, since each person has a different vision of the same color.

Buy dyes

When buying dyes do not forget that you can create your color range from scratch, by resorting to primary tones. In this way, you will obtain shades to taste to achieve the desired color. Many possibilities to give color to your products!

Just take a look at the catalog and select the dyes and pigments you want. But if you have doubts, remember that we have personalized attention. Buying dyes is very easy.

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