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Molds for homemade lanterns

The molds for lanterns are one of the essentials when making this type of elaboration at home. That's why in Gran Velada we put at your disposal a varied catalog of molds for homemade lanterns with which to shape your designs. You will find them with very different shapes and sizes and, in addition, the material with which they are made varies. Here we have one of the most complete selections of molds for lanterns!

With the molds for homemade lanterns of our online store you can make them semicircular, round, rectangular, square, hexagonal, triangular, corner, star-shaped, drop, heart, house ... As you can see they can be done with countless shapes! How? Thanks to the molds for fans of Gran Velada that allow you to make fanales very different from each other.

For the result to be as expected, it is essential to have quality molds for homemade lanterns, such as those you will find in this section of our online store. This way you will prevent them from breaking when unmolding, from being crooked or imperfect. In fact, one of the main characteristics of our molds for lanterns is their resistance, so if you take good care of them they will last you many years and will serve to manufacture a multitude of lanterns. Hence, they are a very profitable investment!

When buying one mold or another, three important aspects must be taken into account: the shape you want the lantern to have, the size and the way of elaboration. The latter is marked, to a large extent, by the material of the mold, and is that each of them is recommended for a different technique.

Taking into account the material with which they are made, molds for homemade lanterns can be classified as follows: metal, plastic, methacrylate and silicone molds.

The molds for metal lanterns are formed by two pieces: mold and countermold and have no base. Both pieces have the same shape but different size, since the outer mold is slightly larger than the inner countermold.

One of the great advantages of these molds for homemade lanterns is that they are very resistant and do not deform with heat. Of course, being made of metal it is necessary to use a release agent so that the wax does not stick to the walls. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the metal absorbs heat, so they take longer to cool down and the elaboration is slower.

How are metal lantern molds used? Broadly speaking, you have to pour the molten wax between the mold and the countermold, let it dry, remove the countermold and make the base of the lantern.

Molds for artisanal lanterns

Meanwhile, plastic lantern molds are ideal for putting the emptying technique into practice. What does it consist of? It is completely filled with liquid wax and when the top layer begins to solidify, it is cut leaving the thickness you want and the liquid wax inside is emptied. These molds are best suited for this technique because the wax that is in contact with the walls cools much earlier than the inside. When using these molds for artisanal lanterns it is also recommended to apply release agent.

In Gran Velada you can also buy molds for homemade lanterns made of silicone, a material that gives them flexibility and non-adhesion. These are some of the easiest to use, since they allow to manufacture lanterns with a single laundry. Basically, you just have to fill the mold, wait for it to dry and unmold. To finish the base is made and you will have a lantern ready to use.

Our catalog of molds for artisanal lanterns does not end here, since you will also find them made of methacrylate. These are ideal for making lanterns following the technique of layers, but they also serve to make them by the technique of emptying or with inclusions. They are usually transparent and as with plastic, the wax cools quickly in contact with the walls, hence they are great for this type of elaboration.

Normally the molds for methacrylate lanterns are formed by two pieces that are easily assembled and disassembled, so it is easier to apply the release agent and extract the lantern once finished.

Where to buy molds to make lanterns

If you are looking for where to buy molds to make lanterns, in the online store of Gran Velada you have at your disposal a wide catalog. You just have to select your preferred models and process the order comfortably.

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