Gran Velada Mexico Molds

In Gran Velada you will find more than a thousand different molds with which you can shape your crafts. We have so many and so varied that we have become the online store with the most diversity of molds in southern Europe. Here you can buy good quality molds at a very competitive price.

Gran Velada Mexico Molds

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Silicone molds

With silicone molds you will get your handmade creations to have the shape you have always dreamed of. Here you will find exclusive models for you to achieve excellent products!

Keep in mind that it is very important to have quality silicone molds to work comfortably and that the final result is what you expect. We assure you that the silicone molds you can buy here meet these standards. And our goal is that you are satisfied.

Silicone molds stand out for their resistance, they are also characterized by being elastic and non-stick. These three qualities make them the most suitable to prepare in the comfort of home different types of elaborations. The best thing about these molds is that the figure does not stick and they unmold very well. A great advantage to take into consideration!

Silicone molds for crafts

We have silicone molds for crafts with very different shapes. There are molds of flowers, hearts, animals, geometric, Christmas ... We try to adapt to all tastes, so find your favorite!

Some of the silicone molds for crafts have openings to facilitate unmolding. This does not mean that they are deteriorated, they are made this way to make it more comfortable to work with them. They also come with plastic rubbers so that when you fill them it does not come out. That is why we must leave them as they are. You just have to remove them to unmold and then put them back in.

Where to buy silicone molds

If you are looking for where to buy silicone molds you are in the desired place. In the online store of Gran Velada Mexico we have one of the most complete catalogs on the market with exclusive designs ! We have created a careful selection to try to adapt to all needs.

Now that you know where to buy silicone molds you just have to place your order online safely, quickly and easily. Select the models you like the most and process the purchase comfortably. You will receive them at the door of the house so that you begin to shape your ideas.

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