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¿Tienes una boda, un bautizo o una comunión a la vista y estás pensando en qué regalar a los invitados? Los productos personalizados de nuestra tienda online te ayudarán a conseguir detalles únicos y especiales. ¡Tendrán tu sello personal sin gastar mucho dinero!

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Customized products

Personalized products can be purchased in Gran Velada, online store with safe shipping. With these personalized items, you can make a difference to merchandising and promote the brand of a company and commercial strategy, for packaging, referring to the packaged product, or as a personalized label for a professional finish. Everything adds up and makes it unique!

As far as stickers are concerned, they are excellent for customizing a wide variety of homemade products. A sticker helps to have a better finish of the product. An easy, fast and economical way to give a superior touch to any detail.

Thanks to the quality of the stickers, they can adhere to any surface such as glass, aluminum, plastic and cardboard. Just clean the area to be used and place the label. Customize in a two-by-three!

As for packaging, cardboard labels are a versatile product that help customize products to look beautiful. Every detail counts! These are elegant labels and at a very low cost.

Product customization

In Gran Velada Mexico we offer service for customization of products. There is an infinity of items to customize. Gran Velada, a prestigious company, has everything you need. Of various formats, resistant and high quality.

Personalized items ready to enhance that detail. A wide variety to choose from at a super affordable cost Decide now!

Buying custom items is very easy. Click on the product and place the quantity. Some are available with combinations to choose from. Make your purchase and write the data such as date, name, logo or photo, etc.

Remember that if you have doubts, do not forget to contact us, as we are attentive to your comments. In addition, the delivery time may take time, due to the customization of products is exclusive. Enter the DIY world!

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