Straight glass for candles without lid
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Glasses for aromatic candles

These glasses for aromatic candles that you can buy in Gran Velada are made of glass, transparent, and stand out for their quality. In fact, they perfectly withstand the high temperatures of molten wax. They are sold empty and without a lid.

In our online store you will also find all the necessary materials to make your own completely personalized candles and stickers to decorate and customize these glasses.

Empty candle glasses

In addition to empty glasses to make scented candles at home you will need:

All materials can be purchased in our online store. Also in the blog Make Candles you will discover numerous recipes to make your own aromatic candles. Take a look and get to work!

How to make candles in glass?

Here we show you step by step how to make candles in glass:

  • Chop the GV-35 wax and melt it in a saucepan over low heat. When melted, it is poured into a disposable container to work better.
  • Add aromatic essence and coloring to taste and stir well so that it integrates perfectly.
  • When the wax is at 62ºC you have to fill the glass. Advice! The glass glass should not be too cold so that there is not much contrast between the hot wax and the container. In this way you will prevent spots or bubbles from appearing.
  • Make the hole for the wick when the top layer is solid and the inside of the candle is still hot. Cut the waxed wick to the appropriate length and insert it into the hole.
  • Let the candle dry completely and decorate to taste.

Where to buy candle glasses?

In you can buy candle glasses, like this straight model without a lid. In addition to this model you will find many other containers and containers to make candles, as well as all the necessary materials. Fast shipping. Personalized advice.

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