Buddha mold with candle crown
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Buddha mold for candles to make your own designs. You will get some homemade Buddha candles, perfect to decorate your home taking inspiration from the Feng Shui style, a doctrine originating in Japan that seeks harmony. This candle buddha mold depicts the Buddha head meditating.

Buddha silicone molds

If you are looking for Buddha silicone molds, in Gran Velada you will find a wide variety of models. This one in particular is made of silicone. Its most relevant characteristics: resistance, durability and flexibility. Three traits that make it ideal for making homemade candles with it. You can also make plaster figures or decorative soaps.

These Buddha silicone molds are simple to use and give very good results. It is not necessary to use a release agent. To extract the figure, simply press and bend the corners of the mold. Being flexible, it will recover its original shape.

Buddha candles

With this mold you can make your own Buddha candles totally personalized. The ingredients that can not miss: paraffin, coloring, aroma and wick. The result: ideal candles to decorate your home.

To make Buddha candles the first step is to melt the paraffin. When liquid, add coloring and essence to taste and stir well. Place the wick well centered in the mold and pour the paraffin mixture. It only remains to wait for it to dry and unmold.

Being a mold with so much detail, you can make your Buddha candles in neutral color and highlight the micas reliefs, pearlescent or special paintings for candles . You will get an even more spectacular finish.

Where to buy Buddha molds?

If you wonder where to buy Buddha molds, in Gran Velada you will find a wide variety of models. There are to make soap, candles and all kinds of crafts. Take a look at our molds section and choose the one you like best. You will also find all the necessary materials to make your own candles. Fast shipping.

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