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When it comes to making artisan oil soap, caustic soda is one of the main ingredients. It is a chemical that is sold in pearls and is composed of sodium, hydrogen and oxygen. In its pure form, it is a white, odorless solid.

Its use is widespread, in fact it is used to make paper, different fabrics and detergents. In addition, it is a powerful unblocker, which helps clean drains. Soda is present in products that we frequently use such as hairspray and fixatives or cleaning products, such as washing machine detergent, bath soap, dishwasher tablets or oven cleaners.

One of the most common uses of caustic soda is the production of artisan soap. The basic recipe is to join a fatty part (oils or shortenings) with the mixture of soda and water. Putting all these ingredients together triggers a natural reaction, known as saponification, which lasts for 40 days. The result: a natural soap with the right PH for the skin.

In Gran Velada you can buy caustic soda to make your own homemade soaps at a very competitive price. You will find it in comfortable containers of one kilo. The proportion to use varies depending on the soap that is made. In our blogs you will find free recipes to make handmade soaps. They show the exact amount that must be incorporated from each of the ingredients, including caustic soda.

To work with this product it is important to take appropriate protective measures, as it is corrosive. Therefore, to handle it, you have to wear glasses, gloves and a mask. In addition, it is advisable to make soaps in a well-ventilated place. In the downloads tab you will find additional information with the technical and safety data sheet of this product.

Where to buy caustic soda?

In Gran Velada you can buy caustic soda of high purity and good quality. It is available in packs of 1 kilo and 500 grams, and is sold in pearls. You just have to select the amount you want, make the payment and in a few days you will receive your order at home. It's that convenient, fast and easy.


Wealth: min. 99%
Sodium chloride: max. 0.25%
Sodium carbonate: max. 1.0%
Sodium sulphate: max. 0.06%
Iron: max. 120 ppm
Powder content: max. 5%
Storage conditions: store the product perfectly closed, in a dry and cool place. Keep the container in a well-ventilated place, at a temperature above 10ºC.

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