Citrus aromatic salts
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Wholesale and retail aromatic salts

At Gran Velada you can buy wholesale and retail aromatic salts. We put already scented salts at your disposal in different formats, from small packages to the 25-kilo savings format. It is a high quality product that is sold at a very good price.

We have a wide catalog of aromatic salts: aloe vera, passion fruit, cinnamon, roses, lavender, sea breeze, jasmine, mint... They are all scented and colored and you can give them a multitude of uses. They spread a lot, that's why these aromatic salts are ideal for making inexpensive and very attractive gifts.

They have a very intense aroma that lasts a long time, which is why they are ideal for scenting any room in your home. Also, after a few months, when you see that they are losing their smell, you can add aromatic essence again so that they are like the first day.

Uses of aromatic salts

These scented salts are ideal for making closet fresheners. For example, fill some organza bags with these aromatic salts and you will have a perfect and very cheap air freshener for cabinets and drawers.

They are also a perfect product for making centerpieces. You can place the aromatic salts as the bottom of a vase, in a lantern or on a plate and put some candles on top. For very little money you will make any room smell wonderful.

Aromatic salts for details

The aromatic salts are perfect for making baptism, wedding and communion details. You just have to fill them into test tubes or cute little cloth bags and customize them with the packaging materials that you can also buy in our online store.

The advantage of betting on aromatic salts for details is that they are very cheap. Without spending a lot of money you will have a perfect gift for your guests that will also be very practical.

Where to buy aromatic salts?

In the Gran Velada online store you will find where to buy aromatic salts. You only have to select the model that you like the most, indicate the quantity you want and process the purchase. In just a few days you will receive the package at the indicated address. Remember that you can buy aromatic salts wholesale and retail. Fast shipping. Different payment methods.

Aroma: citrus

Yellow color

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