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In Gran Velada we have more than 300 fragrances with which you can aromatize your gels and shampoos. You can buy aromatic essences with fruity, floral, citrus, herbal, spicy, sweet, woody, marine, Christmas, exotic, children's ... It is a matter of taste to choose the aroma with which to perfume gels or shampoos.

They are concentrated, high quality essences, so a few drops will be enough to perfume your homemade hygiene products. For example, for about 250 gr of shampoo base with 4 gr of aromatic essence is enough. They are incorporated into the base and the mixture is well stirred so that it is completely impregnated with aroma. Keep in mind that some aromatic essences have a dark or yellowish color and can dye our preparations a little.

The essences are on sale in comfortable plastic containers, with a capacity ranging from 50 ml to a liter. Being concentrated they spread a lot, so they are very economical. In addition, the same essence can be used to perfume gels and shampoos, but also for soaps, to make air fresheners or to add to your homemade creams. Hence, they are very versatile and versatile essences.

If you want your shampoo to have a citrus touch you can opt for essences such as orange, citronella, kiwi or tangerine. If you are looking for soft aromas, talcum powder and cotton flower can serve you. Herbal shampoos are also very common. For example, the aromatic essence of mint or green tea are a good option, although it all depends on the personal tastes of each one.

In the case of gels, you can incorporate flower essences such as lavender, roses or chamomile; or fruit trees such as red fruits, mango and papaya, red apple or passion fruit. You can also combine several to get a unique fragrance according to your personal taste.

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