Vanilla aromatic essence
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Vanilla essence

Milky and aniseed notes dotted with sweet and powdery touches, this is the letter of presentation of the vanilla essence that you can buy in Gran Velada. An intense and concentrated fragrance that will bring a pleasant aroma to your homemade creations.

These are the main aromatic notes that are part of the olfactory pyramid of vanilla essence:

  • Output: milky, aniseed notes
  • Heart: coconut, dulce de leche, biscuit
  • Background: vanilla

Buy vanilla essence

By buying vanilla essence in Gran Velada you are getting a very versatile product, which you can use to flavor different types of homemade elaborations. Of course, keep in mind that it contains vanillin that can darken the manufactured product.

The vanilla essence that you can buy here will serve to flavor candles, air fresheners ... You can also use it to perfume creams, masks, shampoos, body oils, body milk... In the case of cosmetic preparations, the recommended dose of use ranges from 0.2% of facial products to 1% of body products.

Vanilla essence for soap

The essence of vanilla for soap is great to flavor the elaborations you make at home. You can add it to both glycerin recipes and artisan oil soaps. Our recommendation is that you do not add more than 1%. You can also use it to flavor shower gels, hand soap ...

It is important to note that the essence of vanilla for soap can darken them. The person responsible for this natural process is one of the components of this essence. This is vanillin, which oxidizes inside the soap and produces this color change. To prevent this from happening our recommendation is that you opt for glycerin soap bases that do not oxidize, such as those you will find in our online store. Discover all the details in this post of Gran Velada.

Perfume with vanilla essence

With just two ingredients you can make your own perfume with vanilla essence. You need 96º alcohol and this essence that you can buy in our online store. You can also include dimethicone to the list, a fixative that helps the aroma of the perfume be more durable.

The recipe for making perfume with vanilla essence is very easy and fast. Simply mix 69% 96º alcohol + 30% vanilla essence + 1% dimethicone. Let it macerate for a week in a cool place without light and you will have your perfume with vanilla essence ready to use. Remember that everything you need is at your disposal in our online store.

Where to buy vanilla essence?

In the online store of Gran Velada you can buy vanilla essence for soap, candles, air fresheners, perfume ... Process your order online and receive it comfortably at home. Wholesale and retail of vanilla essence. Fast shipping.

  • Contains: 2 H-1-Benzopyran-2-one.
  • Cosmetic ingredient. Professional use. Recommended dose: up to 1% in cosmetics and up to 30% in perfumery.

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