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Soap molds

The molds for soaps Gran Velada stand out for their quality and great resistance. Thanks to them, handmade soaps can be made in different ways, from classic to original. So visit the online store and buy wholesale soap molds.

With soap molds it is very easy to shape the product, whether minimalist, vintage, classic, children's or retro, for all tastes and needs. The latest in molds to make soaps is here in Gran Velada, a leading company in the market Get a few now!

Due to the variety of soap molds it can be used for different occasions such as a special event (weddings, XV, birthday, baby shower), for personal use, a gift or entrepreneurship. It can also be customized for an excellent result. The idea is to have many options to make them unique.

Molds to make soaps

Gran Velada has a wide catalog of molds to make soaps for all tastes , of different sizes, but all of them of great quality so that you can start making handmade products with total confidence.

Working with soap molds is so simple. These are molds to make oil and glycerin soaps with excellent finish. Just make the formula and fill the mold. Hence, the importance of choosing the right mold. So do not hesitate to choose the best online store Great evening to make a good arsenal of molds to make soaps.

Sale of molds for soaps

In the online store of Gran Velada Mexico we have sale of molds for soaps with exclusive designs. Just select the molds and the payment method and receive at the stipulated address in record time.

As a recommendation, for the good condition of the molds for soaps do not use cutting or sharp tools that can damage them. After use, the ideal is to clean them with soap and water. To store them, it is advisable to have a place without direct light and humidity.

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