Lavender aromatic essence
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Lavender essence

The essence of lavender stands out for its refreshing and floral aroma. It opens with fresh and dry notes that give way to camphorated aromas and floral nuances. In the background, the woody chords are the protagonists. An exquisite composition that will make you fall in love!

The essence of lavender will transport you to the fields of French Provence. Feel the breeze on your face and imagine yourself strolling through the lavender plantations. Breathe in the smell it gives off when you brush it between your fingers and be inspired by these beautiful landscapes of purple fields and unparalleled fragrance. Don't dream it! Live it! Now you can have it in your home, scenting all your creations with our lavender essence. This is his cover letter:

  • Output: fresh, dry
  • Body: floral, camphorated
  • Background: woody

Buy Lavender Essence

In Gran Velada you can buy lavender essence to use as an ingredient in your handmade elaborations. If you love the smell of lavender, use this essence to perfume your creations. The way to use is very simple, you just have to add a few drops to your recipes to get them to have an exquisite aroma.

The essence of lavender that you can buy in our online store is concentrated and has an intense aroma. Best of all, it has multiple uses! Get it and flood your formulations with its fragrance.

Lavender Essence Uses

The uses of lavender essence are very broad. It is ideal for aromatizing the candles you make by hand and can also be used to perfume soaps or your cosmetic creations, such as creams, masks, shampoos ...

The uses of lavender essence do not end here. It is also perfect for creating your own completely customized perfumes or for manufacturing air fresheners. You'll make your home, car, or office smell fresh lavender!

These are just some of the uses of lavender essence. Keep in mind that it will also serve to aromatize:

  • Incense
  • Scented wax
  • Bath pumps
  • Bath salts
  • Cabinet sachets

Where to buy lavender essence?

If you are looking for where to buy lavender essence, visit the Gran Velada online store. We put it at your disposal in various sizes so you can choose the one you need. Wholesale and less lavender essence. Fast shipping.

  • Cosmetic ingredient. Professional use. Recommended dose: up to 1% in cosmetics and up to 30% in perfumery.

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