Essence gv Mango Mandarin
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Mango and tangerine aromatic essence

The citrus and fruity aromas star in the essence GV Mango Mandarin that you can buy in the online store of Gran Velada. An ideal fragrance to aromatize and perfume your DIY elaborations: soaps, creams, air fresheners, perfumes...

It opens with sparkling and bubbly aromas of lemon and tangerine to give way to an intense body in which fruity and sweet notes take center stage thanks to mango and sugar cane. In the background there are subtle powdery nuances of vanilla and golden amber. It is an intense and enveloping essence that gives off a vital and penetrating aroma. This is his olfactory pyramid:

  • Top notes: Freshly squeezed lemon, white peach, tangerine
  • Middle notes: Juicy mango, sugar cane, mandarin
  • Base notes: Golden amber, light vanilla

Premium GV essences

This product is part of the collection of premium GV essences, an exclusive catalog that you will only find in our online store. This essence offers optimal performance when making a wide range of handmade elaborations. It also stands out for its high stability. From the technical point of view, it meets all the conditions and requirements and also stands out for its unparalleled aromas.

Let yourself be seduced by our exclusive essences and make the most of them! It is very concentrated and spreads a lot, so it will serve you for multiple uses. In fact, you can create your own completely customized product ranges, either to enjoy them, to give away or to sell.

Uses of Mango Mandarin GV Essence

Our GV essence is a perfect option to manufacture exclusive perfumes easily, quickly and economically. Also in the field of cosmetics you can use it to aromatize:

  • Body creams and lotions
  • Deodorants
  • Facial cosmetics
  • Hand cream
  • Hair products
  • Soaps
  • Shower gels
  • Bath salts and pumps
  • Hydroalcoholic gels...

Of course, this premium GV essence can also be used when making:

  • Cleaning and washing machine products
  • Air fresheners: mikados, sprays, scented ceramics, for the car, scent bags

Where to buy GV Mango Mandarin essence?

In the online store of Gran Velada you can buy GV mango mandarin essence, you will also find a wide catalog of essences, with sweet, citrus, fruity, spicy aromas ... Take a look at them and get your favorite! Fast shipping. Wholesale and retail.

  • Cosmetic ingredient. Professional use. Recommended dose: up to 1% in cosmetics and up to 30% in perfumery.
  • Important: According to the manufacturer, the shelf life of this aromatic essence is 12 months once the container is opened. Hermetically sealed and stored according to the instructions on the safety data sheet, it can be kept in good condition for up to 3 years.
  • At low temperatures, this water-soluble essence tends to thicken due to the components that form it. This does not affect its quality.

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