Mold to make bee skewers
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Bee making mold

Mold to make wax bees with skewer. These bees are ideal for holding and closing rolled beeswax candles, bringing an original and fun touch to the sail. Also with this mold you can make up to 20 bees in 2D at once.

The mold to make bees can be used to make wax or plaster figures that serve as an ornament to your handmade candles, small pick candles or even to make small decorative soaps. This mold is not intended for food use.

Silicone mold bees

The bee silicone mold is a mold made by hand that is fundamentally characterized by having great flexibility and being non-stick. It is very easy to unmold the parts and it is not necessary to use any type of release agent. It is also very durable and resistant, since it withstands high temperatures of more than 200 degrees Celsius.

If you want to keep your bee silicone mold in perfect condition, it should be cleaned after each use and stored in a place without moisture and without sunlight.

Candles rolled step by step

Do you want to know how to make rolled candles step by step? It is very simple, for this you will need a sheet of virgin beeswax, cotton wick and one of the spiked bees.

  • 1. Heat the wax sheet with your hands or using a dryer until it can be molded and cut the sheet to the size you want to give the candle.
    2. Place the wick at one end of the sheet and see the wick rolling over it so that there is no space or air between layers of wax, as tight as possible.
    3. Finally press to make it compact, cut the excess wick and help yourself with a pin and the spiked bees to close the candle.

With these instructions to make rolled candles step by step and the video tutorial that you will find in our blog you will see how easy and fun it is. The little ones will love this craft.

Where to buy mold to make bees?

If you are looking for where to buy mold to make bees in the web catalog of Gran Velada you will find it, as well as everything you need to make virgin wax candles. Just place your order online!

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