Kit how to make simple candles. Materials and instructions
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Easy homemade candles

Do you want to learn how to make easy homemade candles? This kit that we have prepared for you will be of great help. It contains all the necessary products and an instruction guide detailing step by step how to make easy homemade candles.

The result: five cylindrical sails, with a professional finish. They are great for decorating, creating a centerpiece or giving away. You will be able to surprise with some homemade candles that will be perfect.

How to make simple candles?

With this exclusive Grand Evening kit you will see how making simple candles is easy, entertaining and fun. The step by step you will find detailed in the instructions that come in the kit. You just have to follow them as if it were a cooking recipe.

In this way you can see that with this recipe and the right materials making simple candles is a piece of cake. The step by step consists of:

  • Weigh 300 g of wax and melt over low heat in a saucepan. While the wax melts, smear the mold with release agent with the help of a brush.
  • Cut the piece of wick to size from the mold and insert it through the hole at the bottom of the mold. To make it centered, it is fastened in the upper area with a screwed toothpick.
  • When the wax is at 85º, the essence and coloring are added. It is important to shake the dye before use.
  • Stir all the ingredients well with the wooden spatula so that they integrate and pour a little wax into the mold. Let solidify for a few minutes.
  • Add the remaining molten wax inside the mold and wait for it to cool for 2 hours.
  • To unmold well, put the mold with the candle 10 minutes in the freezer. When you take it out you give it a few blows on the sides and you will see how well the candle comes out.
  • It only remains to cut the wick left over and that's it!

This way you will get a candle. You just have to repeat the procedure to get the rest.

Materials for making simple candles

The kit we have prepared for you contains the following materials to make simple candles:

  • Wax GV-20 (1150 gr) + wax GV-03 (375 gr)
  • Release agent (30 ml)
  • Aromatic essence aloe vera (50 ml) (The aroma may vary according to availability)
  • Turquoise liquid candle coloring (5 ml)
  • Waxed wick 6-7 cm (2 m)
  • Pilar candle mold
  • Wooden spatula

As you can see the materials to make simple candles are very basic. With them you can make five cylindrical candles, perfect for decorating and scenting your home.

Where to buy materials for homemade candles?

In Gran Velada you can buy materials for homemade candles. We have a wide variety of products so you can make decorative candles, scented candles, natural candles, gel ... The options are multiple. You will find different types of waxes and paraffins, specific dyes for candles, essences to flavor them and a wide variety of molds. In addition, we have different types of wicks and a wide variety of materials to decorate and customize them. Browse our online store in search of what you need. Once you have decided you just have to fill your cart and process the order. In a very short time you will receive all the materials at home.

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