Artisanal candle starter kit
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Candle utensils

The starter kit to the handmade candles of Gran Velada contains the materials that can not be missing when making them at home. It is ideal for those who are starting out in this exciting world. In this kit you will find the main utensils to make candles. You will see how practical it is!

When buying this starter kit to handmade candles you can choose if you also want to receive the book "Learn to make candles", with everything you need to know to make them at home. It is the perfect complement to this kit! In addition, as a gift we include a concentrated liquid coloring to color your handmade creations.

Candle utensils kit

This is what the kit of utensils to make handmade candles contains:

  • Candlestick candlestick mold
    Tubular plastic mold 7,5x15 cm
    Open pink 3D mold
    Polycarbonate cup
    Large tea candle bowl
    Wooden spatulas (10 und)
    Metal spatula
    Release brush
    Release agent (50 ml)
    Wick holders (25 und)
    Wick holder (8 und)
    Guide rod 2.4 mm
    Guide rod 3 mm
    Waxed wick 8-9 cm
    Gel candle wick 4-5,5 cm
    Tea candle wick
    Ecological wick 5-6 cm
    Cotton wick 7-8 cm
    Great evening hat

Set of utensils for making candles

What are the materials included in our candle utensils set used for? Here is a brief description of each of them:

  • Molds: they will help you shape your candles. We include several models for you to discover different techniques when making candles.
    Polycarbonate cup: ideal packaging for making scented candles.
    Container for tea candles: you can not miss when making them at home.
    Wooden spatulas: disposable spatulas to stir and make your mixtures.
    Metal spatula: ideal for removing the remains of wax that remain after processing.
    Thermometer: it will help you control the temperature of the wax at all times.
    Brush + release agent: perfect to apply the release agent in the plastic molds and thus prevent the wax from sticking.
    Portamechas: metal eyelets that are mainly used to make candles in glass.
    Wick holder: they will help you hold the wicks when you thread them into the molds.
    Guide rod: essential to make the hole for the wick. They are included in two different thicknesses.
    Highlights: different types of wicks so you can try and choose the one you like the most.
    Hat and gloves: very useful to work comfortably and safely.

Where to buy starter kit to handmade candles?

Access and you can buy the starter kit to handmade candles. It is a complete "all inclusive" kit with the basic materials you will need to make your elaborations at home. Fast shipping. Different payment methods.

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