Tropical aromatic candle stickers
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Stickers for tropical candles

Sticker blister for tropical candles that includes six round labels, of two different models. In these stickers green and coral tones predominate and are ideal for decorating scented candles.

They have a very tropical pattern, with large green leaves and three coral-colored flowers. The background is white and in the center of the stickers you can read: "Scented candle". With these stickers for tropical candles you will fill every corner of your house with color.

Labels with tropical prints

These labels with tropical prints will look great on these containers for aromatic candles that you will find in our online store:

Placing one of these labels with tropical prints on the lid of your aromatic candles or on the surface of the container will make the final result much more colorful and cheerful.

Aromatic candle labels

With these labels of aromatic candles you will get a beautiful decoration for your creations. For example, they will look great in transparent containers with a colorful candle inside.

We leave you a step by step that can inspire you:

  • Melt the GV-35 wax over low heat in a soup.
    When melted, pour the wax into a plastic cup and add a tropical aromatic essence, such as papaya or passion fruit, and stir well.
    Add a few drops of liquid candle coloring. The flamenco pink coloring combines perfectly with the sticker and is a very fashionable color. Mix well.
    Pour the colored and scented wax into the chosen container and wait for it to solidify to place the wick.
    Decorate with these labels of scented candles and enjoy!

Where to buy stickers for tropical candles?

In Gran Velada you can buy stickers for tropical candles. We have many models. Check out our stickers section and find your favorite! We are manufacturers and we have exclusive designs. Some can even be customized! Fast deliveries.

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