GV-35 wax for glass candles
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Candle wax in glass

GV-35 wax for glass candles is a high quality product, whose composition is mostly vegetable wax. It is a wax for the manufacture of decorative candles in glass containers. Of a great adhesion to the fragrance and the colors, with an excellent finish.

You just have to follow the instructions to the letter to get good results. When preparing the surface where the candle wax mixture is to be poured, the wick must maintain a certain length so that the candle is consumed cleanly without producing smoke and soot. So if the glass is 5 cm, the ideal is that the wick has a measure of between 6 to 7 cm.

Wax to make candles in glass

Making homemade candles is not a complicated task, the necessary elements are:

  • Container
  • Aromatic essence
  • Liquid dye
  • Wick support
  • Wick holder
  • Waxed wick

Therefore, when considering these products mentioned. As well as a wide range of containers such as glass, recycled glass and polycarbonate, Gran Velada can facilitate your search and make a reliable purchase. Take a look at the catalog and choose instantly!

Make candles in a glass step by step

GV-35 glass candle wax is very easy to make. Follow the step by step:

  • Have the glasses ready and place the wick, it should cross vertically the entire length of the candle.
  • Melt the wax over low heat and without stopping moving.
  • Once it is in liquid state, add additional elements such as aromatic essences such as coconut, citronella, lavender, jasmine, roses, mint and cherries, among many more. Also, add dye to give the desired tone. Mix until homogenized.
  • Pour the mixture into the glass and let dry.

So this soft textured wax is made in a simple way and Gran Velada is the platform to achieve it. Try their products and you will love them forever!

Buy candle wax GV-35 for glass

Candles decorate, perfume and illuminate the home. Making candles is very simple and accessible to any pocket. So do not think twice and in www.granvelada.mx you can place your order instantly through the online store. Add to cart and buy now!

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