GV-20 candle wax
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Candle wax in pearls GV-20

The GV-20 pearl candle wax is perfect for creating homemade candles in varied shapes, being of great value for DIY enthusiasts. Its elaboration is simple, with unique results, due to its hardness and opacity.

With this product you will get candles with relief effect, either melting the wax or combining it with paraffin, but in the end, with great results for a unique touch.

GV-20 wax to use

Using candle wax is very easy. This would require:

  • Melt the wax in a bowl over low heat.
  • When completely melted, pour into a plastic cup and add the colorant and essence.
  • Mix until unified and empty into the mold, place the wick and wait until it solidifies.

With these simple steps you will get ahomemade v ela with professional finish.

Buy GV-20 wax

Gran Velada is a leading company in quality products, so you can buy GV-20 candle wax in wholesale or retail pearl presentation. You just have to add it to the shopping cart and receive it at the door of your house. Fast shipping and at the best price.

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