Perfume Fixative Additive for Candles GV-503
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Candle Making Additive

The fragrance fixing additive is a raw material that is incorporated into the candle making recipe to achieve a specific benefit or property: more shine, greater hardness, a smooth surface... In this case, the additive for scented candles is used to fix the fragrance and obtain a more lasting and intense scent. Additionally, additive 503 will give the candle a smoother and shinier finish.

When using this additive, the wax or paraffin can accommodate a greater amount of essence. This is why the final candles have a much stronger scent. The purpose of this candle making additive is to improve the retention of the perfume and ensure that when lit, the candles disperse a stronger aroma.

Additive for Scented Candles

The additive for scented candles can be used with different types of paraffins and waxes, such as GV35 container candle wax. The recommended usage dose ranges from 0.1% to 4%, depending on the quality and properties of the wax used, as well as the amount of fragrance we want to incorporate.

For example, for 100 g of wax or paraffin, you can add up to 4 g of GV 503 additive. When using the fragrance fixing additive, the paraffin changes its behavior, going from tolerating 1% of fragrance to being able to absorb up to 5%.

Scented candle fragrances are liquid, while paraffin is solid. That's why the latter has difficulty absorbing a lot of liquid without losing solidity and consistency. If this additive is not used, the candle may release an oily liquid through the base, which is nothing but the fragrance. To prevent this from happening, using this additive is recommended.

Making Scented Candles

Making scented candles with this additive is very simple. The wax is melted together with the additive over low heat. Once melted, they are stirred well to mix them.

Now is the time to add the scented fragrance and the colorant. When making scented candles, it is advisable to use concentrated fragrances, such as those from Gran Velada, to achieve a more intense final result.

Where to Buy Additive for Making Scented Candles?

At Gran Velada, you can buy additive for making scented candles. It is sold at a very competitive price and will allow you to make scented candles with a professional finish. Buying from our online store is convenient and secure. You just need to select the quantity of the product, make the payment, and in a few days, you will receive the product at home.

The additives should be stored in a dry place, protected from heat and light. Additionally, they should be kept away from oxidizing agents such as brass or copper.

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