Stearic acid for artisanal candles
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Stearine for candles

Making stearic acid candles is undoubtedly a total success, since this additive helps to create shiny or opaque and very durable candles. In addition, they are free of lumps and obtain a very intense color, being of an incomparable quality.

Candle stearin is added to melted paraffin. It is an additive that comes in the form of small granules, so with heat it melts easily. The recommended dose is between 3 and 10%. That is, for 100 g of paraffin can be incorporated from 3 to 10 g of stearic acid.

Stearic acid for making candles

Stearic acid for artisanal candles is one of the most used additives, as it provides great benefits. First of all, it helps to harden the candles for a robust and smooth look. Secondly, it has a longer burn time, so the candle lasts longer lit and falls apart more slowly.

Thirdly, and no less important, is that it is an additive capable of dissipating the bubbles that may be generated and the result is a smooth sail free of imperfections, with greater sharpness and definition.

Candles with stearic acid

Making candles with stearic acid is very easy. Follow the step by step to achieve high quality homemade candles in a short time:

  • Melt the paraffin in a pot over low heat. When it has melted, add the indicated amount of stearic acid for artisanal candles. Mix until homogenized.
  • Add the coloring and essence and stir again.
  • Place the wick in the mold and fill.
  • Let it cool and unmold.

For added security and options, check out the blog, as there are several tutorials that show the process for making stearin candles. They will surely be inspiration to create excellent homemade products.

Buy stearic acid for artisanal candles

Buying stearic acid for artisanal candles in Gran Velada Mexico is very easy. Go to the online store and select the product. Choose the payment method and receive at the address indicated. Keep in mind that when purchasing stearic acid for artisanal candles in large quantities, a customized budget is made. Order now!

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