Metal wick holder
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Metal wick support

The metal wick support is a fundamental piece to make quality sails with a professional finish. It will help us to place the wick centered on the sail and keep it in a straight position.

This metal wick holder is resistant and durable, and you can use it time after time without deteriorating. It withstands without any problems the high temperatures of melted wax and paraffin. It is rigid, made of stainless steel, and has several holes to thread and hold the wick. It is very practical and you will see how comfortable it will be to make candles helped by this support.

Putting wick on a candle

When it comes to putting wick to a candle we can follow several options. But one of the most practical and comfortable is using a wick holder. With it we will make sure that the pábilo is centered, in its place. And that when filling the mold with liquid wax the wick will not move.

To put wick to a candle in glass with this support we simply must cut the pábilo to the size of the glass, taking into account that it protrudes a little above the glass. Then we thread it through the chosen hole of the wick holder and rest it in the glass. Fill the glass with the liquid wax and let cool. Once the candle has hardened we can remove the support and cut the excess wick, if any. It's that simple.

Where to buy metal wick support?

If you are looking for where to buy support for metal wicks you will find it in the online store of Gran Velada. We also have all the necessary materials to make homemade candles: waxes, paraffins, molds, dyes ... Register previously through the web and process your purchase. In a very short time you will receive the order at your home. Fast deliveries to Spain and EU. Wholesale and retail.

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